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[ 04 March, 2015  15:37 ]

In recent years, the interest of young people in business has significanlty increased. However, due to lack of experience as well as material and technical bases, most of these initiatives are doomed to failure. BBF project on start-ups supports youths in gaining business-skills and provides with financial and technical help. The main merit in this area includes provision with office, material help and technical equipment, mentoring, legal support and investment.

Which business types can apply:

  • Trade: wholesale and retail, e-trade
  • Service: agency, consulting, design, translation, training, research, etc.
  • Production: weaving, handicrafts, daily use goods, food, etc.
  • Technology: web site, application, robot production, etc.
  • Agriculture: farming, breeding, sale of agricultural products, etc.
  • Short-term profitable projects: exhibitions, events, campaigns, concerts, etc.

Main priorities:

  • Creative business ideas
  • Simple solutions to meet people's needs
  • Profitable projects


  • Applying
  • Making an appointment after reviewing the form
  • Preparing a business plan
  • The second meeting
  • Making a decision and agreeing on conditions
  • Signing the contract


You can send us your business project whenever you want. The projects will be reviewed by Start-up Commission of BBF as from September, 2015.


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