Coworking Space

[ 04 March, 2015  15:35 ]

Coworking Space project offers offices with various equipment for freelancers. Free designers, programmers, lawyers, marketers, small businesses, start-ups and others can become the member of the center. The project is considered for individuals or groups with maximum 3 members. They can take advantage of our office facilities identified below free:

  • Workdesk
  • Meeting rooms
  • Lounge
  • Internet
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Kitchen
  • Tea, coffee etc.
  • Reseption services
  • Computer (if necessary)
  • Taking part in trainings, organized by BBF

If you want to reserve a space for your business in our Coworking Center, you can fill the application below. Your resume will be reviewed by BBF Management Board; if the resume is approved, we will sign a contract with you for using our office free.

Selection criterias:

  • Individuals or groups with maximum 3 members
  • Projects/persons can work together with others in open work space
  • Projects meet clearly defined customer needs with one function (multitasking projects are not accepted)
  • Projects must work with benefit and profit mechanism in meeting customer needs
  • Creative projects



Member of Co-working Center

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Vafa Hasanova


Jeyhun Mammadov


Tamerlan Bayramlı


Nadir Humbataliyev


Camal Agayev


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Amid Hesenquliyev

Biz Birik

Elshad Yusifli


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