Dear Young Friend!

From your first steps in a business world, I would like to stand next to you and share with my experiences.

I believe, the main obstacles for each of us in the business life we ​​are ourselves. To be patient, learn from mistakes and turn them into new opportunities, not to lose heart because of failures - all this is one of the main conditions for a successful business. The road to success is through your understanding of these truths. If you can properly learn the basic principles of modern business community, I believe you will become one of the most successful businessmen of our developing country!

You may ask, what inspired me to help you strengthen the faith and to focus efforts on the formation of a new class of young entrepreneurs? Certainly, call of our President Ilham Aliyev to business leaders and the business community to make every effort to diversify the economy of Azerbaijan and the development of non-oil sector. Of course, the oil strategy of Heydar Aliyev played a fundamental role in the development of new Azerbaijan. However, the challenges of the global economy, which predetermined future, require acceleration of innovation development of the Azerbaijani economy. Oil is our previous day, and innovation is our  tomorrow.

Remember that achieving success, you will work also to strengthen your country. I want to share with you the formula for success that all these years accompanied me, helping to overcome all difficulties and hardships - a close-knit team. If you are unable to get a team game, you will easily overcome the obstacles in your path. Do not be afraid to be a part of one team, one for all and all for one!

And never forget the dominant social values. Think about your neighbor as about yourself, and everyone will be happy. Think only of the consumer as well as of yourself, and this sense of identity with the person to whom and in the name of someone you work, will tell you the right solution. Make sure that your business will not cause damage to the state, society and people. Let this be your biggest liability.

You will never be alone in your struggle, because we will always be with you. You have no right to miss your opportunity, because if you believe in yourself, and we will believe in you.

Anar Alizadeh


Member of Co-working Center

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